Should brands use Emojis On Social Media?

To celebrate World Emoji Day, we’re delving into the world of social media and emojis because what you can’t say in a sentence; you can say in one emoji!

Emojis have become part of our daily conversations, emails, internal chats, and in marketing too. The 2021 Adobe Emoji Trend Report shares that, 60% of users are more likely to open an email if it contains their favourite emoji and 42% are more likely to purchase products advertised using an emoji. Older studies also show that businesses using emojis on social media have improved engagement. 

Should brands use Emojis On Social Media?

Short answer, yes! But this does come with caution. Emojis may imply different meanings across different age groups and not to say the same emoji can mean multiple things to different people across cultures, geographies, and languages.

Brands should always keep in mind the emojis they use across digital marketing to ensure the message is communicated in a way that everyone understands it.

Some of the best #worldemojiday campaigns


Air New Zealand


The Sleep Company

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