How to get more views on your Instagram Stories

How to Increase Engagement with Instagram Stories

With over half a billion people now watching Instagram Stories every day, businesses should not forget the importance of an effective Instagram Stories strategy.

Here are 5 ways to increase Instagram Stories views:

Add Engagement-driving stickers

The Instagram algorithm loves an engagement-driving sticker (eg. polls, emoji sliders, questions, share yours and quizzes).

The more clicks and engagements your stories receive, the more Instagram will bump your stories to the front!

Schedule a Story just before the previous expires

Simply by adding a new story at about the 22nd or 23rd hour, right before the rest of your stories expire, will help give the rest of your stories an extra boost in views. 

Continue to share exclusive content

This is a no brainer. Make it appealing and useful for your followers!

Exclusive 24-hour discount codes are great for retail businesses. For creators, personal stories, tutorials, or a point of view you’ve never shared before work really well. 

Take advantage of Instagram’s Close Friends feature

Another great trick! The Close Friends feature allows you to add people to a Close Friends list – meaning you’ll see their stories closer to the front of your feed.

Be careful not to add everyone to this list as the feature will not work – focus on those most engaged with your community.

Follow a schedule and keep up consistency

Keep up the Momentum and stay consistent!

We’re not saying post 10 Stories a day but have a think about how you can tell your story and then schedule these posts throughout the week.

If you need help with your Social Strategy, we’re here to help. Our process is collaborative and all posts are approved and scheduled prior to going live so you can rest assured your socials are in most capable hands!

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