5 Easy Marketing Tips For This EOFY

Not sure where to start with your EOFY strategy or campaign? At Momentum, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn how you can make the most of your EOFY and discover our top five marketing tips to help you get ahead!

End Of Financial Year Sale Events

If you’re not running an End Of Financial Year Sale, you’re missing out big time. Everywhere you go during this period, on every website you browse, you’re guaranteed to see the same familiar signs…


We all know it. We all know what it stands for, and what it means. Sales, savings, deals you don’t want to miss, and stock you’ll never see again. People shopping at this time of the year expect to see these signs. What’s more, they’re ready to spend their money with any company that has one, be it in their shop window or on their website… This is exactly what makes EOFYS so important for your business. 

Stay tuned for more tips…

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